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Hi. I’m Miguel, a Senior Software Developer from Colombia with solid foundations about programming, with experience building and leading complex and large applications used by millions of users monthly. I have more than 6 years of demonstrated experience, working with multidisciplinary teams. I'm always trying to improve myself, help other people, learn new things and give more than what is expected of me.

I have solid foundations in programming and languages like Javascript (I love Javascript), Typescript, Ruby, Go, rendering performance and in general an advocate of web performance that like to care about every single detail.

I also have about 1-year experience as a technical leader facing great challenges, training new members of the team, making sure that quality is always part of the process and leading the team based on data-driven decisions.


  • Senior Software Engineer


    ( Dec 2022 - Present )

    To be added soon...

  • Delivery Hero Icon

    Software Engineer

    Delivery Hero

    ( Jun 2019 - Dec 2022 )

    Currently working in a multidisciplinary team that is improving the recruitment process of our couriers around the globe in the world's largest food delivery company.

  • Delivery Hero Icon

    Frontend Tech Lead

    ( Jan 2016 - May 2019 )

    I was in charged of maintaining the web platforms of (Later adquired by iFood) which represented about 25% of the company's revenue at the time. I lead the migration of the web platforms from an old PHP server side rendering to a new project using the latest technologies at the time, using technologies like React in its early development state and Redux, Javascript, Redis, ES6/7, Prettier and others.


    Strongest Next Gen Web Engagement

    My team won the prize "Strongest Next Gen Web Engagement" a prize given by Google where many companies from the holding around the world participated (DH). After the project was finished the company saw a dramatic growth of the CVR in the mobile web.

  • Software Developer


    ( Feb 2015 - Dec 2015 )

    I developed an application for Android and iOS where Erasmus students can find the best plans around them and enjoy their Erasmus year!This apps had: Chat with images, Push Notifications, Socket communication, Auth with Facebook and Twitter, Camera, GeoPosition features, Social network(Friends, invitations, privacy, etc), User can view and create his own events and share with the community.

  • Universidad del Magdalena

    Teaching assistant

    Universidad del Magdalena

    ( Jan 2015 - Nov 2015 )

    I worked at Universidad del Magdalena helping student learn Object Oriented programming (OOP), which is teached in Java and Android programming. This was supposed to be only for 6 months but I was renewed because of my good performance in the area until December 2015 (The max allowed time for that job in the University)


    Bookmark It

    Bookmark It is used by more than 2000 people weekly and it is the only extension that lets you create awesome bookmarks on Youtube videos while showing you the best part of videos so you don't waste your time seeing non-useful information. PWA

    PWA developed with performance in mind using the latest technologies like React, Webpack, ES8, Redis, Node.js, and others to achieve a great experience in mobile and desktop devices.

    Personal Page

    Create my personal page using technologies like React, ES6, SASS, Webpack to make a good personal site that in the future I hope is going to serve me as my blog.

    Erasmeet App

    Mobile app developed for the Erasmeet Limited company using the latest technologies in the market (AngularJS, Ionic Framework, Typescript, Gulp, Sass, Socket.IO, SailsJS, NodeJS, Etc).

    Former ClickDelivery site

    Migrate the ClickDelivery website that was never meant to be responsive and mobile friendly to a new and cool website that work with almost every smartphone in the market.